Cordillera de los Andes

I embarked on this trek at 3,074 meters above sea level, reaching the Laguna de los Patos (lagoon of the ducks) with my brother. It should really be called the lagoon of the Piuquén goose, the Andean bird so present in these mountains. The height was noticeable when we started the ascent from the Plomo hot springs; the lack of oxygen makes you shake faster, and can give you a slight headache. Even so, nothing is an impediment to being able to appreciate the majesty of the Andes Mountain Range at its best, the sunrises and sunsets are unique, and it is incredible how the colors of the place vary depending on the time of day. The view of the night sky is another of the gifts of this place. I was lucky enough to see some meteors and also to be able to photograph the International Space Station (ISS) in long exposure, while I was lying on the shore of the lagoon with my sleeping bag.

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