"E" Guest

I must have passed this parking lot several times, watching this scene from the car. Every morning when I left and every afternoon when I arrived, there was something about this precise place that called to me. The composition made me fantasize as if it were a movie. I imagined an old man in search of his long-lost love, the guest of the “E” building. He finds his beloved after looking for years to take her on a long trip through Florida. They talk about their lives and he opens his heart like never before.

It was the perfect day. I saw the colors of the sunset, and no other vehicles parked in the lot, just this 1969 AMC Ambassador. It was calling me to make the scene come true. I spent over 45 minutes photographing this old American car until the perfect shot came out, this straight-panel rear view where I imagined the couple getting into the car – the classic shot from a ’70s movie.

rear view of the interior of a muscle car in front of a white building and a palm
"E" Guest - 1969

Camera: Fujifilm X100V
Film Simulation: Bright Summer by FujixWeekly

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