This is where it all started. In 2017 I went out with my camera for the first time to walk around the corners of Santiago. No matter what time, if I wanted to take photos, I went out. That was fundamental – the skills that I have today were formed thanks to that constant curiosity, putting myself to environments in which I did not feel comfortable, filling memories with hundreds of photographs without really knowing if they were worth it or not. Little by little they began to come out. I began to better understand how the camera worked, the photos were no longer out of focus or underexposed, and more importantly, they were well composed, they began to transmit something else.

Suits in order

tres hombres con traje caminando al mismo tiempo entre pilares

This was probably the first photo of mine that I was ever proud of. I was standing across the street with a 55-210mm lens when these three suit-wearing characters appeared and each walked between a pillar of the building, and what made it even better is the fact that they were ‘in order’ from tallest to shortest. I remember the emotion after having taken it, and immediately looking for it in my camera to then send it to my dad.

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